Slow Flow, Rotate, 2024. An immersive installation consisting of 12 Agar (red algae) sheets stretched on 12 steel frames, a 30-minute soundtrack and light sequence played in a loop. Dimensions variable.

After the Sun—Forecasts from the North
Friday, April 26, 2024–Monday, August 19, 2024
BUffalo AKG Art Museum, New York

I have taken my position again on the profession of sound at Apichaya Wanthiang's work together with Sindre Sorensen (light and coding) which is an immersive installation with sculptural objects, light and sound. With the material of Some Body Else , this reworked iteration based on 6 channel ambisonics environment together with field recordings that Wanthiang recorded. I've re-orginised all sound material, re-composed and layered.

AKG BUffalo