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Project by Gitte Sætre & Frans Jacobi and many others. I am working on photogrammetry scan and 3D animation of the project.

I am a dead tree from the Norwegian woods on a journey into the world of humans. My name is the Living Unliving Surveillance Poet and every full moon I report back to nature through a very special tele channel on the world wide web. All species need to be prepared for the future.

You might think that it’s a bit odd. Well, everything is surreal at the moment. And in extraordinary times, all species need to be open to things out of the ordinary. Sometimes the facts are so full of mystical coincidences, that perhaps the first step to see things clearly is not to dismiss facts, but instead expand one’s sense of what reality might entail.

I play a part in the hybrid web series Are You Ready? You will probably read it as a comment on the climate challenge because that is exactly what it is. I am all about the necessary change of consciousness inherent in the ongoing processes of transformation. I am playing out a fable in the hope of making humans think about the act of creating a sustainable situation of ecological balance. Look at me as your helper – a thinking, talking, and traveling subject.

My advice for the day: Avoid the threat of apocalypse, a technological and logistic transition is not enough – it is also necessary to create a different narrative of the human in relation to its surroundings.

Oh, Dear, this is exciting! What do you say, are you ready? Are you ready to respect all inhabitants and breathe with a new pair of glasses?

With devotion,
The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet

more info:
Are You Ready?