Malt Melodies November 30th & December 1st 2018

Malt Melodies is a mobile theater production in three acts that take the audience on a tour through the historical buildings of Moss Brewery. In small groups, the audience is guided from the courtyard of Moss Brewery to different rooms and halls of the complex. Balci brings together local and international actors, musicians and dancers to participate in his piece. Together they create a poetic time journey in an architectural environment that stands for widespread urban and industrial changes. Malt Melodies is inspired by the storytelling structure of newspaper novels. Episode by episode Balci’s interpretation of historical and contemporary developments in Moss unfolds around the moving audience.

Østfold University College, Norwegian Theatre Academy, MA in Scenography, final work of Tolga Balci
This event supported by Punkt Ø Galleri F15 og Momentum & Eindomselskapet Carl A Heilmann AS v/Trine Lise Heilman

Co-creators & collaborators:

Fiin Årgång senior theatre:
Terje Lerstein
Lisbeth Falleth
Karin Veka
Lisbeth Bakkerud
Jan Willadssen
Eivind Rasten

Savt trio (TR/FR):
Merve Salgar
Canfeza Günduz
Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu

Dance, act & choreography:
Camilla Fjeldhaug
Henrik Ulldal

Marie Kaada Hovden

Petros Lappas
Andrea Lindeneg
Shiva Sherveh
Hanna Zeyer

Thanks to:
Bedre Byutvikling Moss, Jonathan Parker
And Moss by- og industrimuseum


Malt Melodies video documentation mel.jpg DOOR.jpg INSIDE 2.jpg ARGANG3.jpg ARGANG.jpg ARGANG2.jpg