Mashgal is a place where anything can happen, a place for working, according to different movements a metamorphosis can occur.

''Mashgal'' is a site specific project executed by MA scenography group from Norwegian Theatre Academy for Meteor Festival, Bergen in 2017.

The work consist of haptic, sonorous design for participators. Site was at 7th floor so called Cathedral at Bergen Architecture School. Invited participants would lead to the room from 4 different way to a platform where they can hear an audiovisual work. The room has multichannel sound implementations. There is also a platform that brings you to the view outside where participants can see Architect Per Grieg's work Haeggernaes valsemolle Silo. As well as a row boat with an actor who calls the room by moble with a statue from Sundt varemagasin on the other side of the boat (also Architect Per Grieg's work.

with Annike Flo, Anne Cecilie Lie, Liam Alzafari, Nemanja Cado, Sara Evelyn Brown

Mashgal website


An actor in a boat with a huge sculpture.

A man or woman in a boat with a Norwegian jumper & rain coat.
Preferably a face mask half way stripped to forehead.

Badly wrapped Hermes Monument dimensions about 3,5 m to 1,5 m.
Laying in width to the open boat.
Anchoring around 50 meters far from the school coast.

Some props & technical needs: a cellphone, a package of cigarette.
MP3 player and a small speaker.

From the Monologue For A Hermes Monument Thief


Those windows were built for daylight!
An open space with daylight.
& in your presence, Sofus.
that daylight which has disappeared

I am sorry! so sorry! You know what;

I am here whatever comes…
I am ready to give in, surrender…

& a now crowd stands there beneath
looking up,
looking up at your emptiness, Sofus!