The Sparrow
I have composed for Vilde Salhus Røed´s fictional video/sound installation The Sparrow which premiered at Gallery Hi10, Skien (NO)

some words from the event:
It is morning, he has just sent Sparrow out on a mission again. He can take a break now, wait until the sparrow sends him something he should decide on. Lately there has been little new, everything he can see from the image material reminds of everyday life and routines in the two-dimensional and similar surroundings. On the one hand, it means that there is less use for his trained eye, he simply just registers that things are as they are. On the other hand, the Sparrow still needs to act on orders and it needs guidance in interpreting what it sees. But the Sparrow is on its way to becoming super-intelligent now, it can soon go out on its own, soon it can itself interpret all the material it collects and then act accordingly. salhus roed`sparrow.jpg